Narration of the incident was provided by risk_taker:

"On July 10, 2004, seven friends from Unknown Friends had witnessed a tragic incident in which other wise could have been prevented if sport safety was taken seriously at the time: aliang, frankli, gddxykxq, karma, risk_taker, speedfreak, toothgod.

We met at 72nd street of Central Park on Saturday around 3pm, where we had a quick lunch on the nearby field. Then eight of us, including Ring, decided to follow and to skate at a big in-line skating track for one loop. Prior to this decision, ten of us, including Ring and I had already skated at a smaller track two times already in the south side of the park before lunch. Certainly, that wasn't Ring's first time in-line skating practice either, and her skill was equivalent to an intermediate level among us.

The spot where she fell was approximately near 98th street in Central Park. The slope of the road was fairly small. I was skating in front of her about 100 meters in distance. Then, I heard someone from the back hollered to stop. When I turned my head back, all I saw was Ring's head facing downward on the ground. At that time, she had lost her consciousness already. We knew she had a bad fall, a really serious one. Everyone was in shock; no one had the audacity to move her. Then immediately a bystander who was a doctor came to examine her. Just few minutes after the accident, an ambulance came and took Ring to the nearby hospital.

Afterward was a week long agony of waiting at the hospital. Her condition fluctuated everyday during that seven nights and days at the ICU. It was a painful battle for all of us. Finally, Ring passed away on July 17, 2004 at 8:28pm eastern standard time.

During these past few days, I've been thinking that what if we didn't go skating that day, what if she wore a safety helmet, what if she was busy that day and didn't come, what if she had used her hand for support when she fell down, what if... but none of these had happened to save Ring from the fall, even though she had cherished her life so much. How can I believe this is the course of her life? I have never thought of life can be that fragile until now...