Salsa RING (reign) forever

by Coffee

Rushing down from a hill, she passed by me like a flying bullet. Crossed blue trail into a black trail and finally she landed herself into a pile of snow. Far away, her big laughter could be heard. This was the first impression I had for RING at Killington ski resort on March 2004.

Ring, the person I knew was a happy and joyful young lady. In two different occasions I had salsa dance with her at the nightclub Weberster Hall in New York City. She was charming and sweet both in real life and on the dance floor. She knew how to enjoy herself and indulged fully into the heat of the salsa music. Though she was a beginner, she danced with her passion and her unique expression. Indeed, she had the salsa spirit inside.

Now her lovely smile is forever registered into our memories. As she was dancing that day, she carried the same smile twisting her body gently and gracefully in the rhythm of Meringue. She said to Jeff with such excitement after the dance - "I want you to learn well on salsa!" In her mind, her life partner Jeff would assume a new responsibility to be her salsa partner.

The last moment I saw her was in the intensive care unit where Jeff was holding her hand next to her bed. Sadness filled up the deadly quiet atmosphere. The life supporting machine indicated that her heart beat was getting weaker and weaker. Ten minutes later, Jeff burst into tears when his beloved RING carrying all the sweet earthly memories departed to a different world

"Someone dances to remember and someone dances to forget" is the lyric from Hotel of California. Dance could be viewed as a way of expression. Not sure when I will make my next visit to Weberster Hall, but if I do I want to forget the painful departure of this young life, but remember the shinning moment with this sweet friend at the dancing floor. Salsa RING (reign) forever

- Coffee

Friend of Jeff and Ring

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