the lament for miumiubebe, our beloved girl

I was wandering with axaing in Seattle airport, just got off the plan, looking f or the third cup of coffee that day, when we saw gdd approach. He looked dis mal and our hearts sank. We knew what had happened.

It began with just a little tumble, a damn little tumble. We all fell ma ny times, fell on the ground, hit the trees; rolled over down the slopes B ut this time, swayed a little, she fell into the ruin. Within that week, we had hope on the strength in her body. We thought there would come a day when she returned from darkness and walked again in the sunlight; her laughter f illed the air like crystal dust We all believed so, for she was so young, so vivid, like sunshine without shadow, like breeze from green woods. How did it come to such an end? Parents buried their child, friends weep for the ir loss, and her beloved husband sit in gloom listening in vain for the retu rn steps at the door.

Life is fragile, and tragedy can happen in no time my mama always s aid so. I nodded in agreement but never put the words into my head. Jeff tol d me once that he called his college buddies constantly to make sure they we re still alive, I shook my head with friendly mockery for his sentimentality . Forgive me. I was so wrong.

Now our dear girl rose into the heaven, shining above us, smiling at us. May she stay with angels in the light of God.

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