Free and at peace, in my dream

To Ring, my friend

I did not know you for long, nor intimately, yet I considered you my friend. I don't know why, it seemed so natural, to call you a friend.

I dreamt of you the day you fell. You spoke with me, in my dreams, laughing and joking, as you always do. You seemed to be comforting me, chiding me for worrying about something. The details I cannot recall, but you were at Peace, that I remember, and you were happy, happier than you ever were.

Epicurus and I will always remember you as a girl of kindness, a girl of peace and beauty, a girl who gave selflessly, courageously to others, never once thinking of herself or her hurts. We will always remember our trips with you - to Pocono, to Killington, bowling and meals with you and Jeff.

Your tragedy came from a fall. But I fell too, do you remember? It was when we two were skiing alone on the mounts of Killington. I fell so badly I just lay in the snow, immobilised and in grave pain. And you just stayed with me, shielding me from the other skiiers and waiting for the emergency snowsled to come to take me back. I didn't know that your turn to fall would come so soon. Maybe if I had known, I would have spent more time with you again, to experience the joy that you lived, to experience giving as you gave and to learn how to touch the hearts of others as you did...

So for now, my friend, our friend, we bid you a very 'good' bye, knowing that this dark night is only for a moment and soon we will see you again. Whether in the depths of the memories of you, in the face of a child, or in the freedom of a bird's flight, we will surely see you and be blessed by you again, and again.

With Love

freespirit and epicurus

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