Journey lying ahead of you-For JFC

My beloved friend mmbb,

We met when my life was still in a dungeon cave, frantically searching for the light. I was lost and wounded but your heart felt smile and beautiful eyes captured my attention. When I first glimpsed at the corner, it was back in March at a dark airy bar. The smokey lights did not keep me from staring at you. The light unveiled, i saw how beautiful you were. I knew she would be a special person. Indeed she was. The first night we met, we exchanged our admirations to each other. It was a true magical night because i finally feel special as a person.

Then you showed me the world beyond my horizon. We practiced our salsa moves which sparked into something unexpected, my love. From there on, I realize there are more in life than school and work. You showed me how to enjoy life.

I feel like it was only yesterday where we spend our nights together at pocono. Our first night together was filled with girl talks. We were like two kids spending a night over at a girlfriend's house for a slumber party. We shared our g irly secrets over and over again. Then we both felt asleep without knowing like two exhausted kids. The next day, we teased each other about snoring. Till this day, I still think I didn't snored.

She was almost like my older sister, always looking out for me and attending to my feelings. Like the time how she secretly fed me her specialty while others were waiting in line for that crispy bacon shrimp.

Too many times afterward i find myself staring at her with admiration. I always want to stand behind her shadow. Seeing her playing tennis, valleyball, frisbee, and dancing. There were countless time where we would adventure in the city fo r our girly shopping spree. You were so considerated of my feeling. You held my hands when you knew I was cold. We always chit-chat until we were urged to return homes. And the time when we were called the beautiful twins by some passen gers. These were my fun memories with you, do you remember?

All of these are too familiar to me yet so far to reach now. She is my sister, my princess, and my girl-friend. She is a dreaming star that always shine in my heart. I hope she can remain in each and everyone's heart for as long as we sh all live. I know sometimes people come and go in my life. My love comes and goes, I can't denied.

But one thing for sure, you will always be in my heart. So with that in mind, I hope Jeff will continue to live out his memories with his beloved wife, ring.

So long, my dearest beloved friend.


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